Adaptive Skill Training Program:

Our Adaptive Skills Training Program is a center based after school youth program for adolescents 10 –22 years old with developmental disabilities. We provided services at our facility as well as locally planned community events & settings in Monterey County.

Our programming is designed to strengthen the development of adaptive living skills across our 5 domains using Applied Behavior Analysis as well as other multidisciplinary developmentally appropriate approaches.

1) In-Home Independent Living Skills
2) Health & Self-Care
3) Community Integration & Mobility Training
4) Recreation & Leisure
5) Social Skills & Natural Supports.

Our facility is designed to develop skills in natural living and community-based environments by implementation of individualized programs which include ample mainstreaming opportunities. Goals and objectives are derived from assessment data, dreams, needs, interests, and fears expressed by the client and those closest to them, their families.

Every program is tailored to meet the specific needs of each student created with scientifically established Applied Behavior
Analysis (ABA) principles that are supplemented by appropriate living and social skill curriculums.

We provide a fun, safe and natural environment to give each student the ability to learn independence and “lead their own lives” to their fullest potential as they head to adulthood.