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Guiding young adults through the right path

Adolescents and young adulthood is a vital stage in life where we prepare for full adulthood. In this stage, we face a growing number of real-life issues that will mold us to become better as we step into being adults. For individuals with developmental disabilities, the transition may take place longer. And for us, this period is a great opportunity to help them develop the necessary skills they need to live independently as adults.

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

    FBA can greatly help teens with behavioral issues develop a more socially-accepted attitude towards education. This program focuses on educational improvement by using standardized protocols and approaches to learning. Our behavioral experts will create a comprehensive intervention plan to develop a teen’s proper school behavior.

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

    ABA is a holistic approach that helps adolescents develop an appropriate behavior in school, the community, or at home. This practice enables our professionals to analyze a person’s behavior and break it down to smaller chunks. By looking into the smaller aspects that affect one’s behavioral issues, we can, then, make a suitable intervention for them.

  • Social Skills Training

    Self-esteem is a vital personality component needed to survive in today’s modern world. A such, Life Applied aims to help teens with developmental issues overcome their social barriers through comprehensive training sessions. In this program, we harness scientifically-proven techniques to help them become the best versions of themselves — upright, dignified, and confident.

  • Mobility Training

    Adolescents with developmental issues may suffer from the physical consequences of their condition. Hence, we at Life Applied have built a network of experts who can help them improve their range of motion, muscular strength, and balance. With innovative exercises, they can develop a more flexible gait and movement.

  • Community Integration

    One way of improving the quality of life of developmentally-challenged individuals is to keep them socially engaged. By allowing them to integrate and participate in their community events, they can make new friends, develop confidence, reduce isolation, and boost their mood.

  • Adaptive Skills Training

    Adaptive skills refer to the practical skills needed to live independently and interact with others. Through social integration and appropriate guidance, teens with developmental issues can gradually acquire these skills. Moreover, our professionals will guide them until they get obtain full independence (based on their conditions’ limitations).

  • Independent Living Skills

    Independent living skills are also an essential part of modern living. These skills encompass a range of activities, such as problem-solving, home management, personal growth and awareness, hygiene upkeep, financial management, and personal care. Our team will develop these traits in your loved ones to help them live a more fulfilling and independent life.

  • Parent Training

    Dealing with your teens with developmental disabilities may come with some difficulties. However, our team is here to help you understand your loved ones better. Our experts will train you to better fulfill your responsibilities as parents. At the end of the day, you will gain the necessary skills to be able to deliver the right attention your child needs.


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