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A chance for young children with developmental disabilities to live a fruitful life.

Developmental disabilities at an early age can intervene in a child’s growth, affecting his cognitive, physical, and emotional skills. Fortunately, a lot of scientific guidelines have risen to help these individuals cope with their conditions. Life Applied dedicates its team to ensure these children receive the right attention and guidance to support their holistic growth.

With our experienced professionals, we help developmentally-challenged children and their families obtain a quality life through the following programs:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

    Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence-based ‘best practice’ treatment used by the US Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association. To develop a child’s abilities, ABA interventions break each skill into smaller, systematic steps shaped with behavior-specific conditions, such as the type of reinforcement that appeals particularly to your child. ABA methods improve language and communication, attention and social skills, help in academics, and reduce behavioral problems.

  • Early Intervention

    We use the core concepts of child development identified as the ‘best practices’ across various fields. All of our teaching methods are specific to the needs of children, their family, and their developmental levels. We design each lesson to make the most of a child’s daily experiences, improving cognitive, motor, social-emotional, communication, and adaptive skills.

  • Intensive Intervention

    Intensive intervention is a process that helps children with severe academic difficulties, especially those with behavioral and developmental challenges. Life Applied uses a comprehensive framework to promote individualized solutions to your child’s needs. Driven by data, we will analyze statistical reports to guide us in making a suitable support system for your child.

  • Speech Therapy

    Our team at Life Applied works to improve your child’s communicative abilities. Our in-depth knowledge of the effects and roots of developmental disabilities allows us to create a systematic method to improve your child’s speech. Through a scientifically-proven intervention, your child can acquire the necessary communication skills he can use throughout his life.

  • Occupation Therapy

    Occupational therapy (OT) targets the underlying causes of a child’s functional difficulties. By addressing the repercussions of a developmental disability, we can help children develop appropriate skills needed to excel in academic and real life. OT is an essential tool to help children gain independence by letting them finish age-appropriate responsibilities.

  • Parent Training

    Most importantly, we will help you, as parents, deal with your child’s condition. Our parent training program includes evidence-based approaches to overseeing your little one. With our licensed and experienced professionals, you’ll gain the necessary coping mechanisms to help you fulfill your parenting responsibilities effectively.